Friday, May 25, 2007


It is my hope that people who care about George and me will ask US how we are doing and how they can support us. It has come to my attention that some people who George used to work with are gossipping about our situation. I'm not sure if ANY of them have actually read the blog and I know for certain that NONE have contacted either George or me to offer support. I'm hoping, though, that a few of them will read this post.

There are also some people who don't think this blog should exist. Apparently this is not the "right" way to seek support and I'M ruining George's reputation. Interesting that these people are so quick to judge my blog but don't care to address the real issue. Yes, I'm angry.

I'm not just blogging for my own support and for prayer for George and Jackson. I'm also blogging because I know I'm not alone. I know other people experience major pain in marriage but don't feel comfortable letting anyone know about it...lest they be judged.

The comments that have already been left leave me breathless!

I'm sharing my feelings here. I also intend to share truths as God speaks them to me. This weekend I am going to Lake Anna to hang out and have fun with my family. I also plan to take that time to dig into God's Word and find the Truths He speaks about men, women, their marriages, and their families. I also intend to check out what He says about gossip and the kind of damage it can cause.

I pray for those who don't understand the need for exposure and truth. I've certainly been there. I never want to go back...the freedom that comes with exposure and truth is well worth the pain of looking in the mirror.

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