Saturday, May 19, 2007

We're all Bastards...

but God loves us anyway.
Pardon my frankness, but I'm pretty pissed off today. I'm pissed off at satan...the master of deceit. I am so sick of his lies. He wants my marriage, my husband, even my son and I'll be damned if I let him have his way!!
I am mad at George. I'm mad at him for being a coward. I'm mad at him for blatantly refusing God's grace. I'm mad at him for deciding that he'd rather leave his family and ignore our pain AND his instead of facing his fears and his sin, accepting forgiveness by repenting and looking to God for his future. God says George is his Beloved, that he has been created in His image, made to reflect his character and his glory...that there is nothing George can do that God cannot forgive. Why is it that some can hear this message and believe it is for them and others hear it but cannot accept that it applies to their lives?
And it is at this point in the conversation in my head that I feel a deep sadness for George. I cannot imagine the pain he is in...I am sure it is greater than my pain. To feel worthless, like a failure, without hope...I don't think I could function. When I pray, I pray that by the blood of Jesus Christ, who offers abundant life, Satan would lose his hold on my husband, that George would know the truth that has been declared over his life and turn away from the liar. I want others to join with me in this prayer because there is great power in the prayer of a believer! I will not lose hope, I will not stop fighting for my family!!
That's it for now. Remember that we're all bastards, adopted by God into his great family.


Stuart Cook said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there! Be prepared for some exciting results!
Love, Dad

Adrienne said...

We are fighting for you guys, all the way! Another friend in WA who is fighting for her marriage said she wanted the world to know, just as if they had cancer or were dying of a disease, because that's how she felt her heart and her marriage related. You have approached George yourself, you have called on the church and family/friends for counsel and prayer...this blog is a great next step. Healing and freedom take place when our sins, and I mean all of us have them:), are openly acknowledged and placed at the foot of the cross.
I love you, friend, dearly!

Laura said...

Keeping you all in our prayers!
Anything you need, just call.

Kelsey said...

i love you erin! i am praying for you always. thank you for letting us see this blog. love, kelsey

Anonymous said...

How incredibly brave and loving to share your struggles with others. God will work through this for good- only wish I could tell you what His good will be.
Praying for you all,