Monday, June 25, 2007

Baby Update

Hi Friends!
Well, I must say that seeing my little one kicking around inside me makes this pregnancy a lot more real! I seriously sat in the waiting room today thinking, "I'll bet the ultrasound tech is going to look at the screen and say to me, 'You're not pregant'". I'll be so embarassed when I have to tell everyone! No such thing happened. :-) I know, you're all so surprised. Well, the reason I was bleeding is because I have what's called full placenta previa. This mean that the placenta is completely covering my cervix and it's not supposed to be. Most likely the placenta will move up to a better place, but they'll do more ultrasounds than usual to be sure. Since I'm seeing a CNM, the policy is only one ultrasound at 20 weeks. So the word is "No heavy lifting". Which means I'll have to tell work I'm pregnant so they don't think I'm slacking. :-)
When I can, I'll scan the baby pic and post it. It's pretty darn cute. The one ultrasound picture I had with Jackson was creepy b/c it was of his whole face...looking pretty much like an alien!


Melody said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that your ultrasound went well and that you could see your little one! What a gift! :)

gelika said...

That is wonderful news! I'm going to keep praying!

Sheri said...

God is so good. The past couple of days he has really put it on my heart to pray for your baby. And I didn't even know you were going through this. It really is so cool to see your baby isn't it? I am so happy for you to get good news.

loving my life said...

Great news, I'm still praying.

Laura said...

Erin, I have you in my prayers and thoughts every day. I can only imagine what an amazing boy Jackson is growing into!
This new baby will be loved!
Blessings and hugs to all of you!