Monday, June 11, 2007

Hit Delete

I didn't hold up my end of the blogging bargain and it caused some strife. If you recall, I did say that I would respect George by not describing his actions, just my own feelings. Then last Saturday, I wrote about something he didn't care to be aired. Some of you read what I wrote, but many of you didn't. That's good...I guess.
Well, anyway. Life sure is interesting...just when you think life won't throw ANYTHING else at you for the moment, it does. I can't write about what this new detail is quite yet, but I will very soon.
George and I are going to Retrouvaille at the end of July! For those of you who have expressed your own trials in marriage, this marriage intensive has a very high success rate. You can check it out at God is truly incredible. I mean seriously. When I think of all the horrible things that so many people are going through around the world, I am astonished that He still holds my story in the palm of His hand. I had been earnestly asking God to send someone into George's life who could impact him in a way that George would really respond to. His aunt has lovingly stepped in and is acting has a warrior for our marriage. She is amazing! She shoots from the heart and tells it like it is and she KNOWS and has LIVED George's family history. She can truly relate to him! She is paying for us to attend Retrouvaille and flying up here to stay with Jackson. Wow! As a close friend put it, she is truly a God-send.

Also, George was offered a fire fighting job with the city of Harrisonburg. He will be on a 24 hour shift (what he's used to) instead of a 12 hour shift (exhausting!) and so he'll be working fewer days. This will allow him to work more OT plus part time with the county where he currently works. Please pray that there is OT available to him and that he is able to work enough so that we can pay off some big bills quickly!

I officially joined a new real estate agency today and will get started with Open Houses this weekend. Please pray God's favor on my efforts. I really want to pick up some clients quickly and get some fast closings under my belt...again to pay off some big bills!

Lastly, please pray that I will not step back into the role of provider for my family. I have done this for the past 6 years and I don't want to do it anymore. I have the gift of making lots of money...and I plan to use that gift to further God's kingdom. But I don't want to use that gift to support my family. Not if I don't have to. And as long as George is alive and healthy, it's his role and right to provide for his family. I have previously stolen from him that sense of accomplishment and I believe it has been detrimental to our marriage. I'm not wearing the pants anymore!

Every morning and every night I read. I usually read my Bible, a book, and a devotional. I highlight verses but I'm not good at remembering them...which is why I never quote them here. I want the verses God speaks to me to be written on my heart so I think I'm going to start writing them down on note cards and carrying them around with me in my purse. What do you do to remember God's Word?

Well...that's all for now. I'll fill you in on the latest soon!


hollybird said...

I keep a list of verses that I am trying to memorize on the wall over my desk. It's a perfect spot to just look up and study when I have a moment or am on hold even. It's also comforting when things aren't going as I want them too. I am praying for your marriage. Know that you are being lifted up in KY by a sister in Christ. My love to you. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

One idea is to use a dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror to write down the verse your working on- it just cleans right off when your ready for the next one- and you'll see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Rachel

Melody in MN said...

I'm so glad that you're going to that conference. I will pray that God uses it to help you and George. May He continue to give you strength and encouragement. Regarding verses, I have also done the marker on the mirror trick...and actually, regular Sharpie permanent markers work too, but you have to use nail polish remover to take off them marker. I like the dry erase marker idea that Rachel had. Blessings to you, I think of you and pray for you often...

Jenna Ruebke said...

Good girl - you are truly understanding the idea of a man needing to be respected & I pray that the day will SOON come when George meets your need to be loved.
Eggerich's book is excellent - MANY insights.

As for Scripture - our children know literally hundreds of scriptures - some of them large passages - because we SING them. You know how an old song comes on the radio - one you haven't heard in years yet you can sing along & know every word? Same can be done with Scripture. I have NO muscial ability but the wife of a former pastor had a gift for putting Scripture to music. Tyr making up your own tunes for the specific verses you are wanting to memorize. I'll send you a copy of some of the songs we know so you can use them & get the idea.

Whatever you do - keep singing!

Luv ya,

Michelle Ruebke

Kelsey said...

i actually found a spiral bounded pack of index cards in a drawer recently, that i had written down verses that encouraged me. i read through them and it was so spurring and encouraging. it wasn't full, so i've continued to write in it now as i come to scriptures that i like. another thing i've done is, if i have a note or remark about a scripture, i'll write it on an index card with the reference and stick it in my bible. that helps a lot, because i'm always flipping through my bible to see if there is anything useful that i've tagged before.

:) love you so much. kelsey