Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So, last night at Bible study, I was feeling really blessed. I am thinking through this, so bear with me. I suppose that in times of trial, I ask for certain tangible evidence from God that He is delivering me. But God works THROUGH me...not for me. I am a vessel not an accomplishment. Which means that tangible deliverance would not always serve the greater purpose...and that is to strengthen and grow the vessel so that the vessel can help further the kingdom. Hmmm...
In study last night, we talked about graduating from Christian infancy. So many people are in this stage of knowing God's truth, ignoring it, and trying to do life their own way. How long? How long will we do this? I lived that way for a long time. I ignored my Bible. Too daunting, it was much easier for me to apply God's truths as I felt they applied to MY life. At some point, we must FINALLY say..."Okay God, you're God and I'm not. I keep screwing up. I trust YOU. Here's my whole life." We must be broken. God is lovingly working on breaking us daily. He even lets satan help in the process. How badly must we hurt in order to finally give it up for God?
So back to feeling really blessed. I realized how greatly God is blessing me through his Word. That when I earnestly seek Him, listen to what He is speaking to me, and obey Him...things begin to change. The change begins in my heart and from there it spreads like wild fire!
I am practicing 1 Peter 3:4 minute by minute. It's powerful. It's peaceful. And I'm a vessel.
Go God!


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you and rooting for you. I am so glad and excited about what God is teaching you, it is a good word. Galations 5:1 says "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherein Christ has set you free and be not entangled again by the yolk of boundage." The word that God has given you in 1 Peter is setting you free, I will pray that you will be able to stand fast. I'll be waiting to hear and see the wonders of the Lord in both of your life. In His Service. Becki

Melody in MN said...

I'm still praying for you and your family!