Thursday, July 12, 2007


The other day I posted the following on my friend's blog and following that is the comment someone left about my comment.
"Today I was talking with my boss about my current situation and we got on the topic of faith. He is a Christian but said that because of his international travel, he believes there is more than one way to get to God. I was dumb struck. He talked about the favorable parts of many other religions and says he believes they are all valid ways to get to God, he just happens choose Jesus Christ and I'm sitting there wondering what I can possibly say that 1)won't offend him and 2)won't deny Christ. So I said, "You know, the thing that sets Christianity apart from all other world religions is grace." He was silent for a moment and then said, "Hmmm, I never thought about that. That's a good point." Phew! Thanks for giving me the right words, God! "
9:23 AM
Anonymous said...
I am sorry Erin, but I have to say that I take offense to your last comment I am a jew and I believe that I include grace into my daily life. Be sure to think a little about others feelings because I am sure many other faiths read Adrienne's blog for inspiration.
1:20 PM

I tend to offend. Especially when I'm trying really hard not to. But look at anomymous' comment..."I am a jew and I believe that I include grace into my daily life." This pretty much confirms my comment to my boss about Christianity being the only religion that is based on grace. Anonymous is looking at what he/she is doing to include grace into his/her life. Christianity looks at what God did when He sent Jesus as a final sacrifice for man's sins. Total, extreme, radical grace based on intense love.

Have you seen Blood Diamond? The love Solomon has for his son rocked my world. All I could think of is how that love mirrros the love God has for us. Here is the conversation that brought tears to my eyes:
Dia. Dia.
Look at me, what are you doing?
You are Dia Vandy of the proud Mende tribe.
You are a good boy who loves soccer and school.
Your mother loves you so much. She waits by the fire making plantains and red palm oil stew with your sister N’Yanda and the new baby.
The cows wait for you.
And Babu, the wild dog who minds no one but you.
I know they made you do bad things. But you are not a bad boy.
I am your father who loves you. And you will come home with me and be my son again.

Ahhh, true unconditional love. Loved inspite of our detestable thoughts and actions, loved even though we can never make enough sacrifices to cover our own sins. Loved so much that THE ultimate sacrifice was made. Loved so that we, too, can love. Love that sets us FREE!!!


Kelsey said...

i think sometimes it's impossible not to offend others when we talk about Christ. but i think that's okay-- offending others by speaking righteously is so not the worst thing we can do.

the grace of our Father is what even gives us solid ground to walk on-- how can we help but talk about it? I haven't seen Blood Diamond, but now i really want to.

Anonymous said...

Again, you manage to offend. Christianity is one religion, not the only religion. People have a right to their beliefs without judgment.
God loves all of his children. But I do believe he looks down on those that are close minded and in fact a little ignorant.
I am not the anonymous poster from Adrienne's blog. However I did read that post and I agreed with that person. I actually was able to find your blog that way.
I believe you have alot of soul searching to do or you will wind up very lonely.

Erin said...

Sometimes I write really quickly without rereading my post to be sure I expressed myself clearly. Interestingly enough, this is my blog. This is a place for me to express what I am going through right now, my beliefs, my struggles, my downfalls, my triumphs.
I want to be very, very clear here. I am absolutely not AT ALL looking down upon people who do not share my faith. I am also not looking down upon other religions. It is with a deep, loving sincerity that I say that I believe Jesus Christ is the one and only way to our Father. Did He die in vain? Did He fulfill prophecy for nothing? No. His mission was to pay the price that none of us would want to pay. The life changing freedom I experience daily through Christ is something I want the world to know.
I LOVE people, no matter what they believe. And I have been called to share Christ with everyone, no matter how I am treated because of sharing.
I will never be lonely; I will be persecuted but I will gladly endure it because of the cross. But lonely, oh no. My Lord and Savior lives in me and is all that I need.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to encourage you.

First, I so agree with you about Blood Diamond. It was a very difficult movie to watch with all the violence, but the lines you quoted completely redeemed the film for me, and like you, I heard those words coming from the Heavenly Father, not just Solomon.

Second, I completely understand what you mean about grace. I have a dear friend who is a Messianic Jew. I love her very much, but her beliefs are very rooted in the law of the Old Testament and that is reflected in her daily life. Grace is something she doesn't understand well, both in accepting it, or in giving it. It does not make me love her any less, and it certainly does not make me judge her.. It's just something I notice and often times it makes me sad for her.

Third, to the anonymous commenter, Christianity is one of many religiions. And it's true that people have a right to their beliefs without judgement. Erin was expressing her beliefs in her blog... and if you read your comment again.. especially the "lonely" part, I think you would have to ask yourself who was sitting in the "judges" seat.

Erin, be blessed and know I am praying for you during this difficult time in your life.


Sheri said...

I think that sometimes people forget that a blog is a online diary that you are sharing. YOUR thoughts and feelings. Your not going out running for president. Its not anyones place to judge your feelings on here. It is an outlet for you. Right?
It is impossible to show every thought and emotion when you are writing on here. It is also impossible for every person to think the same way. But you know this. I think that you responded with absolute Grace. Not Judgement. God wants us to share Jesus with others and he knows it will also offend. You are doing just that! He never said it will be an easy road.

I also saw Knocked up this weekend(my first movie in a year and a half). Definitely very raunchy. But it did make me laugh. Could have done with out seeing, well you know what. LOL

Every time I write something I worry it will come off wrong.

Anonymous said...

You have got it all wrong. You think that your beliefs are superior to anyone elses.
Erin, I feel for you and the struggles that you are going through. It is not an easy road. But sometimes you have to remove yourself from whatever soapbox you are on and look at a bigger picture. Look at your friend Adrienne. She is able to share her views without offending .
Sheri- I am sorry, but I don't believe that any Jew needs you to feel "sad" for them.
I will pray for the both of you and wish you the best Erin. I will not be visiting your blog anymore.

loving my life said...

Jumping right in..
I follow both Ade's and Erin's blog and on MANY occassions Ade has had to reiterate what she said because SOMEONE took it the wrong way.
Now I am going to say something un-Christ-like. If you don't like the content of an ONLINE diary- don't read it!
Sorry Erin if I am out of line but gosh you don't need this crap on top of everything else and I hope that anon. stays away. They are obviously misguided.

Sandy said...

Well I guess I'll add my 2 cents in here too.

First I don't think anyone's views are WRONG.....they are how each person see's something. It is "their" view. It is as unique as the person.

I don't condem anyone for their beliefs just as I hope noone would condem me for mine. Even if I DID disagree, I would just argue(so to speak) why I see it as I do but I wouldn't think badly of the other person if they didn't agree with me.

Erin - I have never posted before but I do read you blog daily and I wish you the best of luck. I hope things work out for the best for the sake of your little boy.

Sheri said...

I never said I felt sad for you. That was another post.

gelika said...

Erin, I agree with what "loving my life" said. This is your personal journal you are sharing with anyone who wants to read it. No one should judge you or your comments. If they don't care for something you have written, they should not keep reading. Its that simple. I'm still praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for sticking to your beliefs. I visit your site because I am invested in what is going on in your life. I sympathize and empathize with you on a daily basis. I think that people that can not be supportive of you and your situation need to find a better way to spend their time. People seem to be making this BLOG an open forum for their preaching, and forget that they are here to support YOU! I think that everyone is welcome to their opinion, I just think that on yours and Ade's, as well as many others I am sure, people need to focus on the reason behind the BLOG. I am sure there are religious blogs that people can visit, and nobody is forcing them to come to your site. I am still thinking of you and Jackson and hoping that things work out for you soon. I know it can be so difficult to live with the "unknown".

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.. I was the one that said the "sad" comment.. and I certainly didn't mean it the way it was taken. I feel "sad" for her because she is so hard on herself when she fails because she is so "under the law"... and likewise, if someone else fails, she has little grace for them. To her the law is clear. It's sad to watch her struggle, knowing that grace has been extended to her.. and yet she doesn't accept it.

OK, just a little clarification... I apologize, I didn't mean to add fuel to any fire.