Thursday, September 27, 2007

Skin Care, Anyone?

Okay, so this is humbling. Apparently another theme in my life. But what the heck? I am trying to raise money to pay off a loan that I took out YEARS ago to start my real estate biz...and for some stupid reason I didn't pay it off in full when I easily could have. They are offering to let me pay it off in full for 55% of the balance!! But I have to do it today--they might give me until tomorrow if I plead with them. Unfortunately, I don't have that much extra money sitting around right now. They, of course, suggested I borrow money to pay it off but I have no interest in robbing Peter to pay Paul. I'll earn the money, thank you very much.

For the last 2 years I have been an Arbonne consultant. My plan was to work it part time until I had replaced my real estate income. Time proved that Arbonne was not a good fit for me...even though I'm a natural sales woman it just didn't feel quite right. I still use the products because they have worked wonders on my skin and because each and every ingredient is safe and beneficial. Arbonne uses many botanical ingredients.

So, I have 7 anti-aging skin care sets to sell and figured I'd offer them to you all as well as the people on my list to call today. The sets consist of 7 anti-aging skin care products and retails at $300. I'm offering them for $250. The set should last at least 6 months and is best for skin that is dry and/or aging. If you're interested, let me know via the email link on my profile. Also, you can check out for more info.
I'm hopeful that I can take this lender up on their offer b/c it would be a huge burden lifted. I don't enjoy being a slave. I know it's small, but please pray God provides the money today.
Thanks y'all!

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