Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hi friends. I'm writing this to ask you to pray for me. I'm nervous about the upcoming few months as far as the divorce is concerned. I just don't know what to expect and I want to be sure I cover all of my bases. I can't afford an attorney, so I'm up to by eyeballs in legalise. Of course I trust God, but He's not going to fill out the paperwork for me! I have so much on my plate as it is, and adding in the hours I'll be spending on the divorce is overwhelming. So, please pray for me.

Oh-And Kim, if you're reading this, will you give us an update on your surgery?


Dena said...

Don't get overwhelmed - it will all be fine! There is plenty of time and you can ask for advice - lots of people have been where you are (ok - not really but the divorce part) Keep your chin up!

Kim said...

Thank you for thinking of me!!! I am 2 weeks post surgery and am doing good. I had 8 drain tubes and last Friday my dr. removed 3 and yesterday I got the rest removed!!! Praise the Lord...those things were getting on my nerves. The dr. is pleased with everything and I see him again next Wed. My wonderful mom is spending lots of time with me and doing EVERYTHING...I don't know what I would do without her. The rest of my family and friends are helping also. I am so blessed!!! Oh, the pathology reports from the surgery were clear...lymph nodes were clear so that means 99.9% chance of NO treatments. God is so good!!!

I am still praying for you and your family. God is going to bring something good out of this for you.

SingerMamaMelody said...

Just a you know an attorney that might be willing to help you work through the papers, pro bono?

I'm praying for you...

And Kim, what wonderful news for you!!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

I have a friend going through all of the paperwork as well. She does spend lots of hours on it and it can be physically and emotionally draining. She, like you, is hanging on so tightly to the Lover of her soul and His promises and is given what she needs for each day.

I pray for you every day, Erin. I will pray for strength, joy, growth, healing, and peace for each day, each moment, that you need it.

I love the end of I John 3 in the Message. It really is beautiful. I pray that you will live deeply and surely in Jesus and that you will experience His deep and abiding presence in you.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Debbie Woolsey

Carol Holtzhouse said...

i'm praying for you today and yesterday, and the day before that!

In Christ, Carol

Michelle (wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman) said...

Praying for you, Erin.
My husband and I did all of the paperwork and process ourselves (which took months and was after about a year of separation already, though when we finally got to the "requset for final judgement" paperwork, we unbelievably changed our minds...that was about 15 years ago!)
With that said, I know this is a sorrowful process, wrought with so many feelings, including "how did I get here?" I will continue to lift you up in the days, weeks and months ahead.
I have another question that I'd like to discuss with you in email, if you're willing.
I am attempting to organize a "Mom's Day of Prayer" for the third week in January (in conjunction with the Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer effort). I'm hoping to have this at the church I attend in Golden. If it works out, would you be willing to be a guest speaker? You would be one of several, and I was looking for moms with unique stories who regularly pray for their kids. I don't know how you'd feel about being labeled as a "single mom", but your blog indicated you have a heart to encourage those going through a similar situation, so I thought I would ask...
I can be reached through my blog (onemomspurpose) or by email at

Missy said...

Just wanted to say that I will say a prayer for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is definitely encouraging to others. I know that God has big plans for you.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE consider hiring an attorney to do the "prove up" on your paperwork. You need to have an attorney review everything to make sure you are getting everything you and your son need. Also, judges don't like it when there is not an attorney present at the final hearing. Unfortunately, it can sway the judge in a negative direction. Since the divorce was not your "idea", you can ask the judge to order that your husband pay your fees. Good luck.