Thursday, February 14, 2008

Needing your prayer!

I found out on Saturday that I have to be out of my friend's house by March 1. I need another 6 months to really be back on my feet financially, so I'm praying for another kind soul to help us out. As I told my Dad, I hate not feeling 100% independent. He reminded me that I'm not independent right now and that's okay...I need help and I need to be willing to ask for it.
Specifically, I'm asking for prayer for these things:
God's favor on my real estate business and reward for my hard work
A wonderful place for Jackson and I to live temporarily
Child support
A full day kindergarten program for Jackson
Energy for packing up in the next 2 weeks while working 6 days a week
Peace in Jackson's spirit--he doesn't want to move again
Thanks so much for your continued support for Jackson and me.


weavermom said...

It may not be convenient for you, etc.... but in case you didn't know, the Montessori school that is at Castle Pines Parkway is full-day kindergarten. It's a charter school.

I'll be praying for the rest.

Kristy said...

I'm a mom of 3,I found your blog on Adriennes website awhile ago and have been praying for you since. I'm so very sorry what your going through. It's tough and it sucks!!

To add to the charter school comment,most of them have grants where your child would get to go for free that year!! I would ask as soon as possible. Definately explain to them (in short) what's going on and tell them you need help!

Praying for you!!

Dena said...

It will all work out and your dad is right - sometimes you can't be 100% independent and that too is a lesson. Keep on keeping on!

SingerMamaMelody said...

Hey Erin,

I will definitely be praying for the upcoming move and all the other things you listed. I know that God will provide just the right place for you and Jackson to live and I know that He will help your business to grow too! How is the market these days in your area? I know it has been tough out here in the Twin Cities, but maybe it will pick up again sometime this year.

May God give you strength and peace.