Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Thanks so much to all of you have been praying for us and for the encouraging notes. I have felt overwhelmed at times but continue to trust God as my Provider.

1st of all, Jackson and I have a place to live. We are moving into a condo that is owned by a couple we go to church with. I'm calling it "The God Condo" for 2 reasons. The first is that I was on my way to Target a couple weeks ago and passed by these condos and thought, I should check to see if any of those are available for rent. While in Target, I ran into my friend from church, Alexa, and was telling her that I felt it was really time for Jackson and me to have our own place and really get settled in. She said, "You know, we've been thinking about you guys because we have that condo in Blackfeather and our tenants are moving out at the end of the month." Whoa! Obviously God workin' there. The second reason is that my pastor and his family lived in this condo for 6 months while they were waiting for their house in Fort Collins to sell. So, you see, it's The God Condo. We're moving on Saturday...and I'm not even close to being done packing!!

Update on Jackson's school situation: I had applied for Jackson to attend Renaissance, an Experiental Learning/Outward Bound school with an all-day kindergarten program. Their enrollment is based on a lottery and his name was not chosen. I checked with all the other Montessori/Charter schools and they were all full. I really felt that I wanted Jackson to attend Renaissance, so I went to the school last week to plead my case. I spoke with Lori, the registrar, and she told me that while all of the slots are currently filled, she often has openings come up all the way through September. I told her that gave me hope and that I'd be praying that Jackson's name would get pulled for an opening. She took down my info and said she'd call me if she had a space open up for him. SHE CALLED TODAY TO LET ME KNOW THAT A SPACE OPENED UP FOR JACKSON!!!! I was jumping up and down around my living room shouting, "You rock God, you rock God!!!". Here's the kicker: the school is across the street from our new home. Seriously! I will get to walk Jackson to his first day of kindergarten. Oh my goodness, I am so excited.

God is blessing my real estate efforts. I have clients I am working with and I have also been recruited to join a high producing real estate team in Denver. They are pursuing me and working to create a position that will utilize my strengths. It makes me feel really good...and totally blessed that I could actually get to do what I love and be blessed financially.

Keep praying, please, about the child support.

I have been so BLESSED with amazing friendships and a supportive church family. I cannot even begin to describe the gratitude I have for everyone who has helped us. I have an awesome family that is so full of encouragement and grace too!

God also reconnected me with an old friend whose friendship has been an incredible blessing to me these last couple of months. I have been filled with hope and I am in awe of how God takes care of me.

Have I mentioned that I feel really blessed? :-)

So on Sunday, my totally gifted pastor talked about walking through the valley of the shadow of death. As you can imagine, it really resonated with me. I have learned a lot in the valley, but most of all I learned that God does not abandon us when we're in the valley. And because I was already in hot pursuit of God before I entered the valley, the valley was not as painful as it could have been. So if you're not in the valley and you're kind of coasting through life without pursuing God like He's pursuing you, I want to encourage you to prepare yourself. Prepare for a valley, because there is one in your future. If you have a pulse, you will enter a valley at some point in the near future. (I know I just wrote valley a lot.) Draw near to God, ask Him to create a hunger in your soul that can only be filled by Him. If you're not feeling passionate about Him, ask Him to create that passion! A valley can be the best time in your life if your perspective is alligned with God's. I am SO thankful that God walked with me through the valley of the shadow of death. He promises to always walk with us. I have eaten an entire humble pie...perhaps two. I'm gonna eat some everyday and everyday, I will watch and listen as my Shepherd lovingly guides me and protects me.

Lastly, please pray for my friend Debbie. We met through blogland and if you think my valley was difficult, you would not believe what she is walking through. Tomorrow, the 5th, she is having a complete hysterectomy to see how much cancer she has. Her estranged husband is about as low as they get and she is beside herself with concern for her children. She also struggles to have unwaivering faith in God and must feel so very, very lonely. My heart breaks for her and for so many others who are experiencing extremely difficult times and feel far from God. Please join with me in prayer for Debbie. Debbie, I am praying for you. God loves you SO much. He is with you, His promises are to YOU. He will not leave you or foresake you. He is in every breath you take, Debbie. He WILL rescue you. He WILL be your husband and a wonderful father to your kids. His love for you is astounding. Believe it.


loving my life said...

what wonderful news all around. God is good isn't He?it reminds of the song "Great is Thy Faithfulness"....
and Debbie, i will be praying for you and your family. feel free to e-mail me so that we can talk more personally either thru phone or -email. misi8181@netscape.net

Karlene said...

Praise God! I have been checking daily to see an update. I have been praying for you and asking God to provide housing and other needs for you. Your story is encouraging and uplifting to see - your strength and committment to Him even through times of trials. May God continue to guide you and watch over Jackson and you!

Shannon and Carey said...

Great post. Wonderful news on the condo! WOW! Amazing work, God :) I'm the one who lives in Austin and we commented on each others blog around Christmas. Im glad to hear things are looking up for you. May your new home give you lots of comfort and peace.
-Shannon in Austin

Megan said...

That is sooooooooo awesome! I am so excited about your son's school situation. We are on a waiting list too and I am really trying to trust God that whatever is right for Avery is what is going to happen.
The condo story is amazing. Who could deny there is a God working in our lives when he just keeps putting the things you need into place.
God Bless!

touchofglory said...

Hi there! I was linked to your blog from my friend Kim's (singmehome.wordpress.com). I have been reading back over your story and am absolutely amazed at the similarities you share with my friend, who is currently going through a divorce and also has a little boy named Jackson! I'm going to e-mail her the link to your blog! Anyway, I will be praying for you and Jackson, that you continue to have strength and faith in God throughout your journey! God bless!
Melissa H.

SingerMamaMelody said...

Wow! What awesome news about the "God condo" and also Jackson's school! That is wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys. My thoughts and prayers are still with you. And thank you for the reminder to pursue God.