Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Babies without Voices

On Angie Smith's blog, Bring The Rain, she talks about October 15th being the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. She asked her readers to post if they have lost a baby. At this point there are about 1400 posts. I have skimmed the posts and have seen at least 6 that are written by women who have lost a baby to ab*rti*n (tip from a fellow blogger). They write about their circumstances, their regret, and their sorrow.
I cannot image what these women go through, having made a choice that can never be reversed. My heart hurts for them. I have 3 friends who I know have had ab*rti*ns. 2 out of 3 grew up in Christian homes and the fear of facing up to having premarital sex (!!) was greater than the conviction to obey God. How very, very frightening.
Last year I was faced with making a decision that would end my baby's life. I agonized over it. I knew the odds and I knew my condition. But still, I did not feel good about having to make such a decision. Praise God that He took the decision making away from me, He took our lives into His hands. I cannot imagine that any woman makes such a decision lightly. And I cannot imagine that any woman goes on with her life without the sting of death on her heart.
I am praying for women and girls who are debating their babies' lives. I am praying for the women who regret their decisions and can't forgive themselves. I am praising God that He has all the little bitty babies in His hands.


weavermom said...

Doesn't it take your breath away to read story after story. It's encouraging and overwhelming at the same time.

I have been so struck too by the women who shared they had an ab*rti*n and regret it so deeply. My heart just breaks for them and the pain they carry. There is a new one today that is especially heartbreaking.

Praying for them today with you.

Steve's Girl said...


your comment on Angie's blog touched me. I am so sorry that you lost your precious little one. Your words, about the peace of Heaven, bring tears to my eyes. I know your heart has suffered. I pray God blesses you abundantly today.

in Him,

Steve's Girl said...

Oh Erin,
I left you the above comment before even reading your blog. I just blogged on this topic myself. Within hours of posting my blog yesterday I stopped by Angie's blog and my heart broke for those mothers who posted about their babies lost to abortion. So very sad.

I am so thankful that you never felt you had to choose for your own child. Praise be to God.

be blessed.