Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Call Him Lord?

My heart broke the other night. I was at a friend's house with some other girlfriends for dinner. I prayed on my way to my friend's house that the night would be a time of good conversation and that those of us who know Jesus would be a light to the 2 who don't.
I was SO SAD when one of my Christian friends dropped the F bomb. Another C friend talked about a drunken one night stand. The two made excuses for each other. I felt uncomfortable, thinking about Jesus being right there with us. I thought about the trials the 2 had been through and how they cried, Lord! Lord!, and He rescued them. Oh, how quickly they betrayed Him.
I remember when my faith was like that. I ran to God as a last resort and quickly deserted Him as soon as things calmed down. I didn't know how much He wanted me, all of me. I didn't know how much I needed Him, all the time. I didn't think about His pain on the Cross, ever. So selfish.
My sadness is for my friends and their lack of faith. They are still prisoners of their sin. I pray with a heavy heart that God will continue to give me obstacles that send me to my knees in prayer.
A few years ago, my aunt and I were talking about money. I said something like, "Well, everyone wants to be a millionaire!". And she seriously said, "I do not want to be a millionaire." I didn't believe her at the time. Now I do. I also do not want to be a millionaire. I am clinging to my God because life is still not easy. Hey, it's easier than it was. I'm paying the bills and putting (good) food on the table. But my future rests in His hands. He is my Lord. He is in charge. I gave Him the reins a while ago. I trust Him. He is faithful. He loves me. He blesses me beyond measure!
So, do you call Him Lord? Do you treat Him as Lord? Do you treat His Word as a gift? Or do you abuse grace?
Paul confronted Peter when he was being a hypocrite. I want to have a conversation with my friends about the other night. I'm afraid. I'm a peace maker so I want to figure out how to say what I need to say without offending anyone and bringing everyone closer. Hmmm. That's pretty much all about me and zilch about God. I know God will give me the right words, with a soft heart, at just the right time.


Erin said...

Just thought I'd post a comment to my own post. When it comes to being a light for Jesus, I need to do a better job too. I want to be more PROACTIVE. My prayer life sucks, in my opinion. When I do pray for something I'm passionate about, the Spirit is on me and my mouth can barely keep up with the words that are pouring out of it. I do a lot of thinking but my thoughts jump from one subject to the next and I don't take the time to actually pray often enough.
Also, while my future rests in God's hands, it also rests in mine. He has a plan for me, He speaks each next step clearly to me. I KNOW what I need to do. But I get scared. I get lazy. I get distracted. Do I BELIEVE Him? Do I believe I am just HIS vessel? Do I believe that HE created ME to do HIS work? Hmmm.

Kelsey said...

Christ in you has the right words, timing, and presentation for the friends that you want to confront. even if it doesn't bring peace in that moment, it will bring truth and light, which is more glorifying than immediate easiness.

thank you for spurring me on to deepen my faith, prayer life, and action. i love you!

Misi said...

I hear you on this! At this church I visit, the people have small groups and go out for drinks after. And they don't have just a couple, more like drunken partying!
I personally am very convicted when it comes to alcohol though I do not think it's a sin to partake. Just in moderation. I always think "Do I wanna meet Jesus this way"?
I TRY and that is a BIG try, to live my life thinking that when I go about my days...
"Do I wanna meet Jesus in a club grinding w/ some guy"?, etc...
Great post and good luck w/ the confronting, that's tough but the Lord will guide you. And if they are true friends(and believers) they won't take offense.

Michelle (wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, and striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman) said...

thought-provoking, great post. And I really like Misi's "Do I wanna meet Jesus this way?") As people who claim His name as our own (Christ-ians), it's so important to remember we represent Him...always.
I pray that God constantly prompts my mind, heart, and especially my tongue to speak in a way that honors him. Not just in actual words, but also in intent (i.e., gossip, complaining, fretting, etc.).