Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yield, Baby, Yield and Be Filled

Here's a little insight into my daily life.
I clean 4-6 houses a week, worked into 2-3 days. Yay for me! I feel like I need to have ONE day a week to myself, and right now, that day is Tuesday.
Oh, but not Tuesday evenings. On every other Tuesday evening, I lead a women's Bible study through my church. Right now, we are studying Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.
On Wednesdays, I teach the 3 year olds at CBS (Community Bible Study) from 9:15-11:15. Then I attend Leaders Council from 11:30-2:30 with the other CBS leaders.
Every 3rd Sunday I greet at church from 7:40 am to 8:20 am, then go to the service.
And I volunteer in the preschool class at church, but only when there are 5 Sundays in a month.
Jackson, as you know, is in full day Kindergarten. After school, he usually plays with his friends in our little neighborhood. He has met two little boys who are a year younger than him. They LOVE each other. Their moms are Believers and we usually sit together and chat while the boys play. Um, yeah, TOTAL blessing!!! But let me just tell you that I have a hard time making myself take the time to just sit. I start out thinking of all the things I need to do around the house and what I need to do to prepare for the next day. It's like a tug-of-war in my head until I finally get a grip and realize how important is to take that time to sit with some friends, watching our boys play, and just talk and listen. We usually do that for about 2 hours, and then head into our own homes for dinner.
So I got to thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if we started sharing meals together too? And wouldn't it be great if it became a neighborhood gathering? And how simple it could be. So I'm gonna pray about that, and take a step forward into the unknown.
Okay, so back to Yield, Baby, Yield. Here is the deal. I, a life-long church goer, PK, seminary professor's daughter, have gotten confused by spiritual terminology. There's too dang much of it. Here is where I got really confused: the use of the terms "baptized by the Spirit" and "filled with the Spirit". I don't want to spend too much of my day blogging so I'm going to try to make this as brief as I possibly can and still get my point across. (Oh, no CBS today. It's fall break. And George is here, so Jackson is with him!! Yay for them!)
Here is what I knew for sure. There is a distinct process after a person is born again by the blood of Jesus that involves the Holy Spirit. This process results in a radical life change. However, I know some who have experienced it and some who have not. Both are saved. CONFUSING!! Some say that baptism of the Holy Spirit happens after conversion. But that's not what the Bible says. Read 1 Corinthians 12:13. It is very clear that when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are given the Holy Spirit...we are baptized by the Holy Spirit.
Thank the Lord for Beth Moore. Or, as she would say, "Glory. Glory." In this study we're doing, she outlines the ministries of the HS. Here they are:
1. Conviction
2. Regeneration
3. Baptism
4. Indwelling
5. Sealing
6. Filling
7. Restrain
The only one of these ministries that is dependent upon us is Filling. In order to be filled up by the Holy Spirit, we must yield...we must relinquish control.
So that is the difference. All Believers have been baptized by the Holy Spirit. But not all Believers have given up control. Dangit. This is where my passion lies. I have a passion for FULL SALVATION. I want people to experience the unspeakable JOY that comes from yielding to the Holy Spirit. Giving up control is scary...even when you've done it over and over again and experienced the freedom that comes with it. We are sinful by nature. It is natural for us to try to take back control. It's pitiful, really.
Here is what I'm (slowly) realizing. The future that God has planned for me will not come to fruition unless I am yielded to His Spirit. I have dreams, I have longings, I have gifts that I know come from my Lord. They are IMPOSSIBLE for me to accomplish on my own. IM-flipping-POSSIBLE. Even though He has shown me some distinct plans He has for me, they aren't going to happen if I don't let go.
I'm sure I have written before that I despise mediocrity. There is not one mediocre aspect of God. And God in us should not be mediocre. I don't want to dwell in mediocrity. And I don't want you to either. Are you yielding? In what areas are you challenged to let go?


Anonymous said...

You go, Daughter, mine!!!


Mc Allen said...

Erin,I've been reading your blog (for the past few minutes) and I want you to know that I can just feel the love you have for the Lord. Your a woman who knows where her strength comes from, and Our Lord loves when we know and share that, inspite of our pain... Your a precious child of God and He just simply adores you. He's aware of everything that you've struggled with this year and He has set you apart for the call that (you know) He has upon your precious little life.. Be encouraged and, keep lookin up!! Hugs, Leah in Oklahoma