Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hypoglycemia Update

My meeting with Jackson's teacher went GREAT! The hypoglycemia explains a lot of Jackson's behavior. And his teacher is hypoglycemic, so she totally got it and suggested that I bring in extra snacks for Jackson and when she sees Jackson displaying low blood sugar behavior, she'll ask him to sit and eat some snacks. So that was the GOOD news.
The not so good news is that Jackson is demonstrating behavior that is common in kids who have gone through a divorce. He has been taking small items from the classroom. This is not viewed as stealing, but as a security issue. His teacher has seen this in the past and said that she normally addresses it once and it usually phases out.
She is also going to talk to the school psychiatrist to see if she has other suggestions for Jackson.
I was so glad to have the time to talk with Jackson's teacher and that we are on the same page as far as what is best for Jackson.

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weavermom said...

Oh, that must feel so wonderful that his teacher has such care for him! Glad it went well, and I would love to hear how the "snacking" helps.