Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ohhhhh! I'm SO excited!!

So, I am a book person. I LOVE to read. And when it comes to the Bible, I like to read, reread, cross-reference, and interpret. And I like to share what I learn. Also, I love, love, love it when I read a book that puts into perfect words the thoughts that have been swimming around in my head. Currently, that book is Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. GREAT BOOK!

As you can imagine, Beth Moore is my hero. She is the cross-referencing queen, not to mention that she surrenders herself to her Lord continually so that her ministry is not about her AT ALL, but all about Jesus.

Her daughter, Melissa, is also a wordy, interpretive person. She recently quoted on the LPM blog from a book she is currently reading. This quote PERFECTLY summed up what I've tried to say before about God's Word. Here ya go:

Reading Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N.T. Wright. What a great and refreshing read. Here is just one quote I love, “the Bible isn’t simply a repository of true information about God, Jesus, and the hope of the world. It is, rather, part of the means by which, in the power of the Spirit, the living God rescues his people and his world, and takes them forward on the journey toward his new creation, and makes us agents of that new creation even as we travel” (191). Just a glimpse into this wonderful book.

Also, Melissa posted an assignment that she gave her Bible Lit students. It got my motor running. though I have nothing else going on, I'm going to tackle this assignment!! And, if I have the guts, I'll post my work on my blog. Then you can critique me and give me the A+ I will undoubtedly deserve! What am I saying, I think the only people who read this blog are my mom and my best friends so of course I'll get an A+! As BooMama says, "Read by TENS of people everyday!".

Teaching LIT. My Mom and I have been co-teaching a class for 17-25 year old women. This Bible Study is unlike anything we’ve ever done at Living Proof. For better or worse, I planned and outlined the study. It has been fun to actually see it run its course, in spite of how absolutely over-ambitious it was. I am really proud of my Lit ladies. They’ve paid attention to all kinds of tedious things, including transmission issues, translation theory, and biblical genres. And that is only a start. Just in case you may be interested, we asked them to do the following for their bonus project:
• Choose any passage (about 5-9 verses) of interest, preferably a passage that you are not overly familiar with.
• Read the passage several times, at least twice out loud.
• What book of the Bible is your passage in? Who is the author? Who are the Recipients? What is the occasion and genre of the book?
• Compare your original Bible translation (whether it is NIV, NASB, etc.) to other translations- use at least three or four translations. Make note of the significant changes/differences in a chart or some other helpful way.
• If there is a word that sticks out to you in your original Bible translation, use a concordance to do a word study on that word. What is the Hebrew or Greek word that your English translation is rendering? Where else is it used?
• Are there any topics/places/concepts in your passage that are unfamiliar to you? Use a Bible Dictionary to look up unfamiliar concepts and to answer general questions.
• After you have done as much of the leg-work as you know how or have time to do, then consult one or two solid commentaries on your passage.
• Conclude with how these resources contributed to your understanding of the passage. (P.S. I just noticed that I created an outline within an outline. I am annoyed by my own self. Anyhow, I really am so proud of the Lit girls. Some have already turned in their assignments. I could have cried reading one of them today. I was astounded by the spiritual insight. We all bring something important and different to the interpretive table, with our various experiences and backgrounds. It is beautiful. I can’t wait to read the rest of them.)



Anonymous said...

You would love the new book Genesis Rejuvenated by Bill Jemas. Right now you can only purchase it on but it is worth it! Great book club book!

Paul Merrill said...

Great that you're enthused about studying the Bible. More power to you in that!

Just a little reminder to think of the millions around the world who don't have a single word of the Bible in their language (nor any Bible study resources).

Blessings today.

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company