Sunday, December 7, 2008

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

I've been pondering blogging. I don't spend much time reading other people's blogs and am not sure my blog is touching very many people's lives. I have no desire to broadcast my newly "normal" life on the's just NOT that interesting! What I do desire, however, is to let my experience help/encourage others who are on a similar journey. God has blessed me with quite a few opportunities to do just that. I do two things: 1)I take the time to talk with people who are having a difficult time in a marriage, those who are pondering divorce, and those are who are going through a divorce. 2) I have a list of the people that I know of who are going through these things and I pray for them.
I know that my story helps people. And it's here, on my blog, for anyone to read. So now I don't know what to write about. And honestly, I don't think about writing on my blog very often. I suppose I could dedicate my blog to life as a single mom. But heavens, in life as a single mom, there just isn't much time for blogging! Like right now? I should be in bed, for Pete's sake!
So, um, Good Night!


Misi said...

Erin, I look forward to reading. It's an encouragement to me because I'm two steps behind you!!
Love you-Misi

Vicki said...

I find your entries very interesting and helpful (no matter how often) I am also a single mom of 2 kids and have been since my daughter was 3 and my son wasn't even born yet. It's been 3 years and it's definitely gotten easier but it's always theraputic to hear from someone else going through the same challenges. I could always use a prayer. Thanks

April said...

I actually have been very encouraged by your blog and your amazing relationship with the Lord. I am neither divorced or struggling in my marriage and yet your blog has moved me. You may not post often, but the ones you do are God breathed. Thank you for posting when you can!