Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, well, well

(Adrienne-you like that title don't you?)

It has been a while. Thanks for the encouraging comments about my blog. Here's what I decided: Since I am, thank God, still in hot pursuit of Him, I am going to continue blogging about what I learn about Him and what He's saying to me. I'll keep talking about marriage, and divorce, and being a single parent. I'll share with you my good days and bad and hope that my experiences somehow encourage you.

Most recently purchased book: Joy Unspeakable by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It's all about the Holy Spirit. My fave.

Current musings: my dissatisfaction with church.

Newest Jackson story: He got a wallet for Christmas with some cash in it. So he was blessed to participate in the annual after Christmas shopping experience. We were at TJ Maxx with my mom, 2 sisters, and niece. At one point, 4 of them were on the floor and Jackson was sprawled out, playing with one of his new Star Wars action figures. I noticed that his wallet was behind him, out of eyesight. I said, "Hey Jackson. Do you know where your wallet is?" He whipped around and grabbed it and I said, "A wise man never leaves his wallet behind." Fast forward 3 days. This morning (4:30 CST), we were loading into my dad's car. We pulled out of the garage and just as the garage door was about to completely close, I glanced back at the garage and caught a glimpse of my purse. My dad stopped and I went through the side door to grab my purse. Apparently, while I was grabbing my purse, Jackson said to his Gdad, "A wise girl never leaves her purse behind!". How's that for wise?

More soon, I promise.


Misi said...

Thank you for keeping up your blog! I need your wisdom now more than anything!! We are in the process of finalizng our divorce and I am so sad about it. In fact tears are filling my eyes as I write this... He's in love with the girl that broke apart our marriage. I asked him on Christmas how he felt about trying again because I'm not sure I want to give up. He replied that he's changed in the last year and a half and yes he does want the divorce. Although he says he's still loves me and always will..
I feel broken and lost. I wanted to divorce the drunk and the cheater not the man I fell in love with. It seems as though he's a better person and it hurts that he couldn't achieve that with me in his life.
Anyway keep blogging girl!!!

amberdawn said...

Thank you so much for coming across my request on MckMama's blog and praying for me! I truly believe that there are no accidents, and that God has a plan when He has a stranger pray for another Christian sister! My husband and I are not on the edge or anything, today was just a really bad day, (chalk one up for the enemy) but tomorrow is a new day. And we have both talked, prayed, and agreed that when we get like this, the first thing to do is pray! If only we had done that today! Anyway, thanks again!