Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Measurements, Oh My!

Height: 5'7" Frame: Small
Waist: 32 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Thigh: 22 1/4 inches
Weight: When I started on Monday, it was 135. On Tuesday morning, it was 132. Today: same.

I'm mostly concerned with inches. My waist to hip ratio is too fact, it's borderline abdominal obesity!!! Because of my hypoglycemia, I crave sugar big time. And when I give in to those cravings (which has been many times a day!), my blood sugar spikes and then my pancreas overreacts, producing too much insulin, which then results in the production of fat. And that fat is stored in the abdomen. Belly fat is not only ugly, it's deadly. And it's really, really uncomfortable!

Today I brought a square of dark chocolate with me to Bible study. It had 4 grams of sugar in it. For most people, this is next to nothing. I ate my lunch of a high protein soup, 1/2 of a grapefruit, and pistachios. A little while later, while listening to my CBS teaching director share her lesson, I ate the chocolate. Within a few minutes, I started feeling light headed and my vision blurred and I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep! I was pretty stunned. I didn't realize my reaction to sugar was so intense. It is no wonder I have gained so much fat around my pancreas must be overproducing insulin like a monster! What scares me is that hypoglycemia can lead to diabetes and diabetes runs in my family. Considering my reaction to sugar today, I think I might be at a higher risk than I originally thought!

I am fully addicted to sugar. I crave it like crazy and cannot go a day without something sweet. Until now. I decided tonight that I need to look at this like a disease, like alcoholism. I wonder if there is a Sugar Addicts Anonymous program? The great thing is that the longer I go without sugar, the less I will crave it. My blood sugar level will normalize and that is how the cravings will subside.

My goal is to lose an inch in my hips, bringing me down to 36 inches. And for my waist, it's 28 inches. So I've got FOUR inches to lose around my waist. That puts me at a 78% waist to hip ratio which is very healthy.

In addition to cutting out the white stuff my body craves (sugar and white flour), I am increasing my exercise time and doing more weight training. I think I can reach my goal in 6 weeks, maybe less.

I'll let ya know. :-)


Misi said...

Well your measurements are far better than mine... My tummy's flat but my hips are huge!!

weavermom said...

Can't wait to hear more about how it goes! The sugar stuff especially since I'm considering this for my daughter and me. Yikes!

jackie said...

I'm excited for you! Good for you. Hope it goes well and you can stick with it. I want to make changes in my diet and exercise but having 2 little kids, it's hard to find time. Keep us posted.

Heather said...

Hey Erin! Check out the book called Potatoes, not Prozac. It's all about sugar sensitivity, aka addiction and how to fix it reasonably. My sister is doing really well with it, and when I work on it, I feel great. I'm just not totally there yet. Good luck! If you get the book, be sure to get the updated version. 08, I think.

Erin said...

I will definitely be keeping you all informed on a weekly basis...thanks for the encouragement! Heather--I looked at that book on like my hypoglycemia book. I definitely feel so much better when I'm eating high protein and complex carbs. It's just so hard to stay away from the sugar! But I went to a party tonight and did not have the chocolate chip cookies or the apple pie ala I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. :-)