Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Wondering

How are you feeling about the state of our country? Are you feeling despair? Anger? Anxiety? Relief? Hope?

How much do the things of this world affect you? I am wondering because some people I talk to are very affected by our society and others are not. I cannot adequately express the sorrow I feel when I hear a fellow believer wondering why God would allow their current circumstances. Or wondering why they can't have the life of another believer who appears to have it easier.

The worst is when I hear someone questioning God's love for them because they don't have something they want...or something they believe will make them happy. The question is not whether or not God loves us, but if we love Him!

I can hear Him asking me, "Erin, do you love Me?". I can hear Him asking those who call Him Lord, "Do you love Me?". It is not about us. It is about Him!

Do you dream about your real Home? Do you long to go there? The things of this world will go away. The hardships we endure are not eternal. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount tells us what true blessings are. Can you see past what society tells us about our circumstances to what Jesus told us about our circumstances?

There is freedom in believing God. This freedom allows us to receive God's blessings in our lives. God provides. God heals. God gives understanding. The blessings have been bestowed. Remember what Jesus said? IT IS FINISHED.

Will you live in this freedom? Oh, I hope so. The morsel of freedom that I have tasted is worth all the heartache and tears. I will never go back to the bondage of self-reliance, false identity, or self-righteousness. That is not the life Jesus died for!


SingerMamaMelody said...

Hi there!

I'm just catching up on your blog after not reading it for a few weeks. Thanks for the inspiring thoughts. After reading about your hypoglycemia, I'm kind of wondering if I might have a tendency towards that as well. Diabetes also runs in my family a bit. My dad is borderline right now and has to moniter his blood sugar every day, so in the back of my mind I think about the possibility that I could develop it that condition as well if I am not careful. I too LOVE sugar, and go through periods of trying to cut it out...and then I miss it like crazy.

I hope that you're doing well. Sounds like you're really busy!

Love to you,

3ringcircusmom said...

Hello from a fellow blogger. While not as inspirational as you, another blogger nonetheless. And I love your blog. Hope to keep in better touch and keep reading your blog!


Ashley said...

You commented on my blog about 4 months ago and I am embarrassed to say that I just now checked it. I am doing much better by the way and I appreciate your words of encouragement. Now I'll have to prop myself up here and read your story!