Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Okay, it's been a month now and I'm still flushing the fat. I think so, anyway. I hope so!
Best news so far is that my sweet tooth is GONE. It took a while to really disappear, but now that it's gone, it's great. I also have a lot more energy than I used to. Instead of coffee in the morning, I'm drinking 2 cups of hot lemon water. And another cup before bed. I eat 2 hard boiled eggs a day and have been eating my biggest meal at lunch instead of dinner. I've been making salads with lots of veggies and protein and am not missing the icky stuff at all!
I've really been concentrating on building up my lower ab muscles. I had a C-section with Jackson and they sliced through my lower abdominal wall...resulting in weak abs. I've never tried to get them back into shape until now.
If I've lost more than 5 lbs, I don't know because I've stopped weighing myself. I really want to concentrate on being healthy and whatever weight that results in is fine with me.
I've seen definite changes in my body but would like to see more. I'm talking Jennifer Garner muscles, here, people. I mean, that's what I'm striving for...not what I have, just in case you got confused. I wanted to join a gym here in Castle Rock that offers CrossFit, but decided to spend the money on karate lessons for Jackson instead. So for now, the DVDs, clubhouse gym, and the great outdoors will have to do!
Well, my dinner is almost ready so I'd better go. A more spiritual blog soon to follow, I promise!

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nancygrayce said...

That really inspires me....I have a big sweet tooth! My MIL does this diet and I've been thinking about putting hubby and myself on it too. Thanks!