Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Identity: Is It Elusive?

In leadership at CBS (community Bible study), we can sign up to do the weekly group devotional. I am doing the devotional for the 2nd time on April 1st. I want to talk about finding our identity in Christ.
I think this is a hard thing to grasp unless you really do find your full identity in Christ.
Please, please, please help me out by sharing what it is about this that is difficult to grasp for you.
When you think about yourself, what influences your thoughts, words, and actions the most? Whose opinion do you care the most about? Why? Do you feel free to make choices based solely on being a child of God?
Thanks for your help, I can't wait to hear what you have to say!


jenn said...

What makes it most difficult for me is thinking that my value is more linked to my contribution to this world, performance, etc., than it is to God. It's so hard to fully grasp this. That's the short story... I could go on and on about this! Thanks for posing the question, Erin.

Adrienne said...

God's opinion of me is what drives me. I don't think HIs opinion changes if I sit on my butt or walk in obedience, but I would imagine, even in HIs love for me, that He can be disappointed in my choices...and I hate disappointing Him. I don't know if that makes sense...

Erin said...

Feel free to email me your comments! You can find a link to my email on my profile page.

Mike and Rachel said...

Ugh! The world tells me i am worthless unless I "contribute" to my family financially. God tells me that my contribution is priceless in my children's eyes. I listen to both voices which is why i am so discontent so much of the time! I am looking forward to the 1st. i will make sure to be on time. You actually talk to us instead of reading a pare to us. No offense to the readers, you are just great with a group!

Anonymous said...

I believe the only way to identify with Christ is to become more like Him. For example, when I am more forgiving at times...I identify. When I share the good news of the resurrection that saved me...I identify. When I worship...I identify. When I pray...I identify. On the reverse- if I drink...I become disconnected. When I look at the checking accounts...I lose focus of what is important. When I become selfish, condescending and rude...I become extremely depressed. The word "lost" doesn't even come close to describing what happens to my heart without Jesus. To me giving up my comforts and trusting God, that He knows what is best for me and allowing that change to be an everyday experience is the best way that I have found my identity in Him. He created me with a purpose…I just need to try to discover it daily! I hope that you have a great group Erin!!! Thanks for letting me share :)

Captured in His Grace~

Celeste said...

I heard a great analogy on the radio last week-
If I offered you a crisp $100 bill you would take it,right? What if I crinkled it? Yes. What if I crumbled it and threw it on the ground? Yes. What if I stepped on it? Still, most would take it..of course! That's how God feels about us. No matter what, our value never changes to Him. We are made in the image of His Son, and no matter what we do, we are of GREAT value.
(I'm not sure of this goes with your topic, but good analogy!)

Betty said...

Finding my identity in Christ is hardest for me when I am focusing on myself. When I focus on Christ, I see myself more clearly.
What influences my thoughts, words, and thoughts most are God's Word, my husband, my parents, my children, and my close friends. I care most about my husband's opinion. I find it hard to make choices based solely on being a child of God. I get insecure about if my decisions are based on my own desires or on God's. That's why I rely a lot on Joe's insight.

3ringcircusmom said...

My identity in Christ most get lost when I start to become prideful and begin to feel entitled to what the world has to offer...as if it has anything to offer.
My head tells me I am a child of God and I just need to stop and listen to find peace,but the still black parts of my heart(the parts I have a hard time giving to God and not taking back)tell me I am "just a mom" and so I must not have anything to offer anyone, so why do I bother trying to contribute anything?
That is when I know I am letting the enemy in and it is time to put everything down and run to Christ and fond peace in who I am...not who the world says I am.

Pastor Linda said...

I'm not sure this answers your question - but I recently received a necklace with these 4 words on it - created, chosen, celebrated, cherished. That's what I am to God - the one and only true God, the Mighty One, the All-Powerful One, the all-knowing One, my Redeemer, my Savior, God of jusice, love and grace - and when I begin to grasp that I am amazed, humbled, blessed.