Thursday, November 3, 2011

Single Momming It (Really)

The book My Single Mom Life by Angela Thomas is one of my absolute favorites. Angela was a single mom for...7 years-I think. She shared her life openly in this book and in doing so, she helped me (and thousands of other single moms) feel encouraged, stronger, and like I was "normal".
During the first 3 years of my own single mom life, I had an amazing group of single mom friends. We were each at different stages in our journeys and I think I speak for all of us when I say it kept us alive. Unless you are or have been a single mom, you. have. no. idea. I had no idea.
And so...the purpose of this blog is now to share stories of our single mom lives. We all need a place to come to know that we're normal, to be encouraged, and to receive strength. I personally have learned some valuable lessons on my journey and I sure would like to share them in hopes they'll help someone else.
And really, I want to see single moms flourish. Our lives are happening right now! Our kids' lives are happening is fast motion. Let's live it up now!! Why should we wait for some life-changing moment (whether it's a number in the bank, a new job, or a relationship) to take some risks, trust that God's promises are for us, and live it up?!
I am convinced that God has an especially tender heart toward women like me. I need him to be so many things to me. My Provider, My Rock, My Fortress, My Father, My Friend, My Bridegroom. His mercies are new every single morning and his gifts to us are not stifled by our single parent status--as the enemy would have us believe.
Also, ladies, I am convinced that being strong has nothing to do with being independent. Let's lean on each other, come to terms with the desires of our heart, and live in the moment for our families. Don't our kids deserve that?
Okay, that cures my itch to put my thoughts down on "paper". If you're reading this and you're not a single mom but you know one (or two or three) will you please forward this on to her?
Thanks! May God richly bless you and reveal himself to you in a very real way.

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Gwen Halsey said...

Great post Erin! Thanks for sharing! Loved that book!