Tuesday, May 15, 2012

21 Day Total Body Transformation

As I write, I'm eating a big ass salad. I was running low on produce after sauteing veggies to go with my eggs for breakfast this morning, so I went to the SFC Farmers' Market after I dropped Jackson off at school. I got zucchini, carrots, kale, tomatoes, banana peppers, 1 lb of lemon-blueberry chevre, and a cup of organic coffee for $27. I love how my refrigerator looks with all of those bright colors in it!
A year ago I started my very first desk job. I worked 7:30 am - 5:00 pm for 3 months, then my hours switched to 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Sitting all day (even on an exercise ball) really took a toll on my body. Two years ago I completed The Body for Life Challenge. For 3 months I worked out with a great friend and shared food stories/triumphs/challenges. I went from 25% body fat to 18% body fat and I felt terrific! I looked darn hot too. So during that first week in my cubicle, I felt fear. Fear that the healthy body I'd worked so hard for was going to lose its firm and gain some jiggle. 

Sure enough.

I've been away from my desk for over two months and I've worked out, I've eaten better, I've been moving more frequently...but I'm not seeing any results. Well, I'm 2 years older and if you're in your 30s or higher, you're familiar with the constant slowing of the ol' metabolism. Sheesh, this really stinks! I decided what I needed was a drastic change to my diet and some motivation. 

I emailed a new friend to see if she'd be up for doing a challenge with me...and she was. We chose between the 21 Day Total Body Transformation and the Whole 30. We're doing the 21 Day TBT together (starting yesterday) and then I think I'll do the Whole 30 when we're done. All I had to do was Google "Paleo Before and Afters" to know this is just the thing I want to do. Um, visible abdominal muscles? Yes, Please!

Last night I cooked steak and green beans for dinner. I've been grilling steaks a lot this season, but they're never really superb. So I searched Mark Sisson's site for a steak recipe. Then I Googled recipes for leek-butter sauce. But I still didn't know how to prepare the leeks, so I Googled that too. I just sauteed the leeks in European style butter from Central Market, then I poured the leek butter over the steaks and green beans. Oh. My. Goodness. Delectable! That steak was EASILY the best steak I've ever cooked. It was a NY Strip. Since I cook just for Jackson and myself, we share a 1 lb steak.
Local, organically grown produce and grass-fed meats are easy to find here in Austin and they just taste so darn good! 

If you're feeling drab, sluggish, or flabby, I highly recommend you try a full-on overhaul of your diet. Check out the success stories on the links I posted above and what you read will amaze you!

I'd love to hear what hold you back from eating whole, healthy food as well as what some of you do to stay in great health. What are your secrets?



Adrienne said...

I've been eating clean, Paleo style for two days now. The sugar/carb detox headache was a little rough last night, but it's fine today :) I wrote up a whole routine/schedule/lifestyle for myself until September 1st. I need external motivation, like writing things down, to feed my internal motivation. I have 6 out of 7 days written down as far as Bible reading and physical activity, then I wrote down what foods are acceptable (I have lots of food allergies/sensitivities) and am retraining my brain to know what foods give me life and which ones rob me of it. Rock on, friend! xoxox

Erin said...

I saw your calendar, girlfriend! We are so different (and alike). I need guidelines, but not strict rules in order to succeed. And I need to know someone is expecting me to really do this. If it's just me and a strict program, I'll cheat all day long. Ha!
I'm hoping these 3 weeks will be a good detox and will prepare me for the Whole 30, so I'll have a better chance of getting through the entire 30 days without cheating.
We're pretty hot already, you know? xo