Sunday, May 13, 2012

The questions I ask about Christianity


Here are some of the questions I have.

Can middle to upper class Americans know a need for Jesus?
Does it make sense to have expensive grounds/maintenance/buildings for worship and elaborately decked out rooms for kids to have fun in so they want to go to church?
Do we have any idea who "the least" are? Do we know where they live, how they got there, and what their names are?
Does it make sense for a family of 4 to live in a 3000 square foot home when their brothers and sisters in Christ with 4 kids live in a 2 room shack?
Why are we still fooled into thinking we live in a Christian nation? How can a nation even be Christian, when to follow Christ means to surrender all to Him and rest in His grace? Can a nation do that? 
Why do Christians feel that denying civil rights to some humans is their way of honoring God? Does that honor God? 
Will laws lead people to Jesus?
Why are there so many Christians and so many orphans? Shouldn't we adopt them?
Why do we eat fake food that kills us instead of eating what God supplies for us and living healthy lives? 
Why would it dishonor God to have a woman in church leadership in 2012? He clearly chose women to do His will in Bible times. A judge, a prophet, an apostle, a teacher, etc. 
Why are married couples more valuable to churches than singles?
Where should my money go?
Does it dishonor God when a rich man buys another new car while his brother in Christ across town goes without a nutritious meal every night? 
Why aren't all churches more like 12-step programs?
Hi, I'm Erin and I struggle with codependency, control, and anger. And I'm a grateful believer in Jesus Christ.

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