Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's do awesome, right now

A couple of years ago, I got to see Angela Thomas at a women's event here in Austin. Until I was going through a divorce, I hadn't heard of her. But my mom's best friend knows Angela well and suggested I look her up. She wrote a book several years ago titled My Single Mom Life. I cannot, absolutely CANNOT, recommend it highly enough! If you are a single mom, you simply must buy it right now (or put it on reserve at your library, that's always smart) and begin reading it as soon as it is in your hands. It is that good.
So, when I heard that Angela was going to be speaking in Austin, I registered to go to the event. Before things got started, I saw Angela sitting on the front row. So I grabbed my copy of her book and headed up to where she was sitting. She listening to someone talk to the woman sitting next to her, so I just waited. She kept glancing at me and then she was like, "Hi, I'm Angela. Have we met?"
And yes, we had! I had met her a few years earlier at another event in Denver and we chatted for a while afterward. She remembered me!
Angela invited me to sit down and we chatted for a while about life. She is remarried to a guy named Scott and from what I can tell, they have a wonderful marriage. I asked her to sign my copy of her book (I am such a dork) and then she just looked at me with a look in her eye, like she knew there was something I wanted to ask her. So I said,
"Angela, I've been wondering. Could you ever have known how good it would be to be married to a wonderful man?"
And this was her answer:
Erin, I can say that I had hoped. I hoped for a man who would treasure me and treat me the way I know God wants me to be treated. I longed for that and I believed God wanted that for me too. And I hoped for a man who would accept all 4 of my kids. But what I never even thought to hope for was a man who would fall madly in love with me AND my 4 kids! Never even crossed my mind as a possibility. You see, the gifts that God gives us are not tied to what we think to ask for. He gives good gifts, that's who He is! There is nothing you can do make him give you a better or worse gift, He is going to knock your socks off. You just wait. Trust God. And while you're waiting, go out and live a big, awesome life with God! I mean really, don't wait, you've got to live a big awesome life now!

Tears ran down my face. I needed to hear that. And her words have stuck with me over the last couple of years. Because those were God's words. He was speaking to me through her. And I believe that message is for all of us single moms.

When we let ourselves believe that our lives will get better and finally be awesome when we meet the man who will become our husband, we are believing a lie that pins us down and won't allow us to live a big awesome life. We absolutely cannot squander these precious days away, wishing for a life with a partner.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with desiring a life partner. Nothing! But if we let that keep us from going out and doing hard things, fun things, daring things, new things, meaningful things...well, we're wasting our lives!

This morning I'm starting a new job. It's wayyyy out of my comfort zone. Way. But it's a huge gift from God and I'm excited to see where it leads. What new relationships come from it and how it stretches me and grows me.

I'll be sharing with Jenny on The Channel Mom show some of the other ways I'm living a big awesome life right now. Be watching for the link to listen!

Are you living a big awesome life right now? Yes or no, what does a big awesome life look like to you? What can you do this week to start living your life on purpose and bringing a little more awesome around?

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