Monday, September 15, 2014

Enjoying the Promised Land

A recent encounter with someone I've been getting close to led me to say, "We are grown ups, we can do hard things." I've come to realize, and I'm guessing you have too, that just because someone is of adulthood age doesn't necessarily qualify them as a grown up.

Not all single moms act like grown ups. I'm certainly not mature 100% of the time, but I do know that I have done hard things when it's extremely uncomfortable because I believe there will be benefits in the long run.

For example:

  • Taking Jackson out of traditional school because I felt his emotional health was suffering.
  • Moving to Texas from Colorado just a few short weeks AFTER Jackson's dad moved BACK to Colorado after being gone off and on for a few years.
  • Letting go of a real estate career and starting a house cleaning company (taking a huge pay cut) in order to decrease stress in my life and increase the peacefulness of our home life.
  • Being selective about who I choose to date and, in turn, being single for 7 years.
  • Living in tiny condos because I took a pay cut and want to live below my means.
  • Going back to school as a single mom and spending nights and weekends studying and writing papers for 4 years.
  • Taking Jackson out of his beloved school and placing him back in traditional school after being out for 3 years because I felt it was time for more structure and would be beneficial to his emotional health.
  • Moving away from my community of friends in Austin to Georgetown so that Jackson could go to a great school and live in a neighborhood with kids his age.
  • Saying no to sex outside of a committed relationship because I want to protect my heart and trust God. 
  • Taking a job completely out of my range of knowledge because it allows me to stay in Texas.
  • Leaving a precious prayer group because I felt that God was leading me in a different direction. 
  • Home schooling Jackson for 1 semester in order to prepare him for entering traditional school. 
  • Enduring emotional highs and lows (mostly lows) with Jackson as he protested leaving his school and moving to Georgetown. 
  • Sticking with discipline even though it was extremely painful.
Can you relate? Are you in the middle of making grown up choices right now and wondering if it's even worth it?

Well let me tell you, IT IS!

I was just reflecting last week as I sat on my front porch with my dear, dear coffee that God had led us to our very own Promised Land. And because I know that life has its ups and downs and full of trials, I want to treasure this time and express gratitude for it and let it serve as a reminder of God's faithfulness during whatever phase comes next.

These days we are reaping the benefits of doing hard things when it's uncomfortable:

  • Jackson is loving school! He is fully equipped to do well both socially and academically.                                             
  • There are boys in our neighborhood that are in Jackson's class and they ride their bikes to each other's houses and play, play, and play. Awesome!!!
  • Jackson is happier than I've seen him in years. He has a personal relationship with God and it shows in his peacefulness and confidence.
  • My job provides very well financially and we're living in a house with a yard in a charming neighborhood with lots of families that is within walking distance of the historic downtown. 
  • Since we have a yard, we were able to get a 2nd dog and she is bonded to Jackson and not me, like our other dog. :-)
  • My degree enables me to speak with confidence in my job and I feel I bring value to my role.
  • We live very close to family now, so we get to spend lots of time together.
  • I'm able to quickly assess who can meet my romantic relationship needs because sex is not part of the equation and doesn't cloud my judgment. And when I get a break up TEXT from a guy I've been dating, it doesn't devastate me. Yes, it was in a text, friends.
  • Although it's hard to be away from my Austin friends, when I do see them, I know how loved I am because of how happy they are to see me. And that's a great feeling!
  • Jackson and I have fun together and have more opportunities to do what we love because of where we live and our financial situation. 
There's more, of course. But I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge this awesome time that God has led us to. I give him glory in the trials and I want to glorify him right now, while times aren't so tough.

Friends, I pray that you reap the benefits of being a grown up and doing hard things even when it's uncomfortable. I pray that you recognize the Promised Land when you're in it. Don't let it be lost on you! Trials are around every corner. Let's cherish the way God provides when we're in the middle of a trial AND the sweet places he takes us to between trials. 

I'm with you in the trenches!


A Rubin said...

So wonderful. I love all the praise and lift them up with you!

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