Saturday, October 3, 2015

Looking around the corner

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When I was a little girl, I thought I was a top-notch thing-finder. Once, my mom lost a brown comb on our brown carpet. She asked me to find it. From my 48 inch high vantage point, I couldn't see it anywhere. So I got on my belly, turned my head to the side so my eye was peering out over the horizon of the bedroom, and looked around. And there it was...a teeny tiny bit higher than the carpet, invisible from above, but clear as day from my angle.

Now, as an adult, when I'm looking for something, I try to remember to take a different posture so I can see things from a new angle.

Say...truth, for example. When I'm looking for truth in a situation, instead of looking down the hallway of life from my white, 38, female, middle American, western Christian posture, I take a look around the corners.

Huh? Corners?

Think about a hallway in your home. I bet there are some doors leading to bedrooms and bathrooms in that hallway. And I bet that what's going on in those rooms is much different than what you can see from your position at the end of the hallway. So to get the whole picture of the truth of what that hallway holds, you'd have to start walking, opening the doors, looking around the corner, and then you'd get a fuller picture.

That's what I try to do when I'm searching for truth. Because I have a limited understanding of how the world works from my normal, everyday position. And I don't want to be narrow-minded or uninformed or insensitive.

For the month of October, I will be here, writing through topics that beg to be looked at from a different posture.

See you 'round,

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Adrienne said...

Sounds perfect! Can't wait to see from your vantage point.