Saturday, February 13, 2016

Desiring God

This morning I read an article on John Piper's blog: Desiring God. Here it is:

I don't think it's a coincidence that the first article I read for my Lenten Practice was about being less critical and more worshipful. I don't think it's very fleshy to pursue learning from those I disagree with--pretty sure THAT idea came straight from the Spirit of the Lord--and so I think Jesus is majorly invested in this process and the heart-change that will come from it.

Here are the notes in my journal about what I read:

"I often choose criticism over worship. Perhaps I am missing out on community because I'm so critical. What would happen if I looked at every opportunity within church as an opportunity for worship?
'Trust the Spirit with your heart, and give effort to directing your emotions away from being a critic, toward being a worhiper.' By David Mathis"

This article was mostly about Sunday morning worship service and leaning into it and entering it with a worshipful spirit. But it spoke to me about the importance of my heart-posture as I encounter people and processes that I disagree with or don't fit my style.

Won't I experience more growth in a community of people who don't think just the way I do than I would if surrounded by people I always agree with?

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